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 The Party - La Fiesta

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If it was little difficult to describe all the persons here , with names.  My count is: 80 persons, more?
We missed this memorable reunion because we get lost with the Citroen .  We went to know the village of Gordes, instead of. Pardon, Simon for the delay.

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It was impossible to reunite all guests again. Instead of  we took this very special picture, with the closest relatives. From left to right, Philip Rive , (Simon's father), Andre, Ivonne, Veronique, (sister), Sophie, Simon's cousin, Simon, Maria,  Erick, Felipe, (Simon's brother), Flower girls, Lolita and Jeniffer, Rafael Tobar, Lulu, (Carmen) Lulu's sister Mariela, Paul and Paulette, Marie-Cloud and Luise.

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Informal aspects

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Maggy, Paty, Beth


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