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Photographer: Rafael Tobar
        In my trips to Cauca's mountains and the coastal  regions, I found scenes worthy to be perpetuated in photography. Here are some that will show you  the matchless typical landscapes and scenes of  life of the people at these beautiful colombian regions. I took these pictures in black and white. I  illuminated them, trying to remember the fantastic colorful and amazing reflections of light that my eyes caught when exploring those places.

The exuberance of  these places  is amazing.
Human been  seems small before
the spectacle of Nature.
Everything in these places declares
 life in all its modalities.
Everything wants to live, to grow, to be beautiful. And it achieves that.

Spectacular canyons
and rustic places, at these Cauca's mountains. 
This photography was taken 
way to the small village of Dinde, in the Western Mountain range of  Andes.

India, from Guambia's region,
proudly  shines the 
characteristic customs of her race. All of her
 breathes folklore. 
Usually the Indians are reserved
and they avoid the cameras. 
This amiable lady, 
with her son on the back,  was an exception.
She gave me one of the most 
beautiful native stamps.
Exemplary  laborious ethnic group, 
 it does not know veleidades
nor laziness, always they are doing 
something of benefit.
This lady is prancing wool thread, 
with the thistle in her hands.

Guambian mother. Silvia, Cauca, Colombia

Calm morning at Silvia,  Cauca. The mist that slept
next to the mountain must go away, because  the King Sun has arrived, opening curtains at his step. The wind of the mountain range, that pierces the bones, suggests  us to go to take a little  hot coffee, with pandebono. (Bread made with corn flour and cheese, delicious!)

El Tambo, Cauca. Constructed on the same edge of the mountain.
Whom was the idea to build  a town on the spine of the mountain? It is a single and long street going upwards, and it finishes at " La Cuchilla del Tambo", (the Blade of the Inn), historical place because there was  rid one of the most decisive battles of independence.


Matting of the Cuerval.
Sometimes  river of life, 
other times barren inhospitable, 
in  a cycle repeated endless, 
caused by the tide 
of the Pacific Ocean

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