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Rafael Tobar has walked a long path in the world of the arts. He began his career early in his life. Having earned a highly praised reputation due to his admirable pencil technique. He has commanded all the phases of commercial art, and today he specializes in book and magazine illustration as well as promotions from advertising agencies.

This little catalog shows a sampling of his work made for books, web pages and  magazines, where it can be appreciated not only his admirable pencil technique, but also his skill to express human feelings, dramatizing an attitude, capturing an emotion or simply communicating to the viewer the beauty of nature. 

In his travels around the continent as documentary photographer, he had the opportunity to treat countless people from all social and cultural levels, and that is why many of his works have that Latin American folkloric flavor. Some of these characters can be seen in this brochure.  Also he has traveled the Caribbean and Europe collecting impressions and ideas for his artistic work.

The development of  modern technology brought to Mr. Tobar new tools to express his creativity. As a matter of fact, he is working with the new means of computer aided design (CAD), creating Corporate Logotypes and illustrations,  web pages,  as well as his traditional handmade artwork. 
This is the pictorial world of Rafael Tobar. We invite you to share and admire it.

José Luis Jimenez


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Pencil samples  

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"America Picturesque" 



Portrait of María

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Real Life Stories




Real life stories


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From the back of my home.


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Mechanics after work



Computer generated artwork samples

Hispanic Roots

(Raíces Hispanas)


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Web Page header 


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Coat of Arms of

the City of




"Ties of Love" 

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Plasma fall

( "From, Tunel de Escher")

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